September 28, 2021


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Is COVID-19 Over Yet?

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There has been a “massive drop” in cases and hospitalizations reported in the mainstream media ( February 14, 2021 story at…/covid-19-cases…/story…).

An Atlanta Medical Examiner states very clearly that the data from Death Certificates in Georgia does not support the idea that a pandemic actually happened

Let us be clear that this post does NOT say the virus is over. However, through research, we have discovered that lockdowns do NOT help anything (for example, compare statistics from FL and CA). FL was not locked down, and did as well as CA where lockdowns prevailed).

Many scientists warn that masks do more harm than good. If you are symptomatic (sick or febrile), you should stay home, however, if you are asymptomatic, you do not need a mask to protect you or protect others from you, according to Dr. Fauci (

Is the death rate skyrocketing for people who have received the “vaccines”? Yes (…/vaers-injuries…/).

Does isolation/social distancing actually stop or slow the spread of the virus? We honestly do not know, but we follow MDs who say that the time to mask and socially distance is over ( (The doctors on that video may be lying…indeed someone is lying to us about this, but at least know that there is more than one opinion)

We may contract a deadly virus today and die, but we will not live in fear and isolation. We will go to church. We will sing in church. We will go where we want to go. If we get sick and die, we will get sick and die and rest in peace knowing that we lived, hoping that Jesus Christ was honored and glorified by our days on earth.

Furthermore, we will not get the “vaccine.” All it takes is a little honest research with an open mind to find out about the “vaccines.”

We will exercise our rights as an American to speak, assemble, travel, and worship freely.

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