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Virus Vaccine


You decide! Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Make sure you do diligent research before receiving ANY vaccine. Make an INFORMED DECISION! KNOW the LONG-TERM SIDE EFFECTS of the vaccines.

In our search for truth, we discovered a plethora of POLARIZED conflicting information about COVID-19, vaccinations, masking protocols, social distancing, and mass gatherings (church, for instance). There is not much “middle ground” between those on one “side,” (the anti-vaxxers who classify the “plandemic” as a political “hoax”) and those on the other “side” (who stay home and/or “socially distance,” mask, choose to take the Pfizer/Moderna/J&J/AstraZeneca injections, etc.).

The media narrative is well-known. The articles and videos below question the media narrative, and represent a partial view of the “other side” of the story we deem worthy of study. Are the post-vaccine deaths caused by the COVID-19 vaccine or merely correlated to it with anecdotal evidence?

What role did Big Pharma money play in hiding or discrediting other treatments, (EUA revoked for off-label use by the FDA, etc.)?

Do the vaccines contain nanobots in the hydrogel? Is this why one vaccine patent refers to the Operating System of the vaccine? How does 5G work with the vaccine? Do they make humans into trans-human machines? Is the vaccine really a stealth tracking device for your body? Do you know what DogTags and SpyTags are? If you do not know the answer to those questions, you have done incomplete research.

Vaccine Clinical Trial Links:

Pfizer / BioNTech Clinical Trial End Date May 2, 2023, currently in phase 3

Moderna / NIAID End Date: Oct. 22, 2022, currently in phase 3

Janssen / Johnson and Johnson End Date: Jan. 2, 2023

Cormirnaty Data collection ends Dec. 31, 2025 (this is the FDA “approved” “vaccine,” but it is NOT available in the USA)

Newest LINKS will be added at the top of this link section:

Dr. Robert Young Paints a Horrific Picture for the Jabbed

UK Arresting and CLOSING Vaccination Centers

400,000-800,000 dead from Vaccines already

Heart Attacks and Strokes overwhelm Hospitals from Vaxxed

Life Insurer in France refuses payout for Jabbed Death – courts equate it to suicide

Radiation Poisoning, Autopsies of Dead Athletes, Fast shedding/spreading and other pertinent information

Vaxxed parents have higher death rates among their children

Unbelievable What is in Vaccines! and PLANDEMIC explanations


Skin Delivery of Nanoparticle Vaccines through Graphene Oxide and Electrical Current

The Vaccine and the Death Statistics

Personality Changes Among the VAXXED

Evidence that the Jabs are Killing People

The Babies are ALIVE when they take out their brains and hearts

Graphene Nano EMF Switch

World Council for Health.org Issues CEASE AND DESIST ORDER for Vaccines

1918 Spanish Flu was actually caused by “vaccinations”

Pfizer will not give vaccines in countries that do not offer them legal protection against liability

Nano-Sensors are in vaccines

Stop World Control – This is a BETTER summary website about COVID than I could ever make! Explore and learn!

Very Important Video about Vaccine Side-Effects from Dr. Madej along with Luciferase “branding” tattoos

Vaccine-injured Children

Vaccines: Immunologist: Ticking Time Bomb for the Immune System and Cancers coming out of remission, and re-emergence of latent viral infections

Oncologist speaks of the Vaccine Injuries he sees in Cancer Patients

COVIDians now shedding DEADLY TOXINS – don’t TOUCH them – 2 Billion dead within 2 years from the Jabs

Idaho Nurse Explains that Hospital Protocols are killing patients – NOT COVID

Dr. Simone Gold – MISCARRIAGES from the Vaccine

Perhaps this is why so many athletes are dropping dead: graphene hydroxide- nano scale razor blades in the vaccines – Chemist MURDERED for revealing this finding!


Vaccine Injuries and Deaths are HIGHLY under-reported to VAERS

Mandates: What You Can Do

Vaccination takes lives – does not save lives – VAERS data analysis by M.D.

Three Vaccinated Military Pilots GROUNDED in one morning

Some vaccine batches are DEADLY

Why some are “awake” and others aren’t

DIC and D-Dimer levels – Clotting, strokes, TIAs in vaccinated

Post-Vaccine 20 X increase in CANCER

Microscopy of Vaccine Vial Contents and Hail Hydra that hooks humans to Artificial Intelligence

The “DIE-OFF” has started

The THING in the Vaccine Follow And We Know on rumble.com for more

Twitter Censors obituary of 37-year old mom Vaccine-Induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia 

Herd Immunity Deception revealed in Israel

Self-Assembling Black Discs and Deformed Red Blood Cells under microscopy in Vaccinated

Vaccines under the microscope reveal “Alive” nano-robots assembling

Dr. Sean Brooks – This is War – They Want You Dead

Sarge from ICONS2020: The FDA “approval” means nothing

What the Mainstream Media DIDN’T tell you about the “FDA Approval” of the vaccine

Fully Vaxxed Patients are filling the hospitals even though they tell you the opposite

Graphene Oxide: What is this inflaming magnetic POISON? This will require a lot of research. Who works with it? Why is it in masks, test swabs, and vaccines? “GRAPHENE could be flushed naturally out of the body, because there is an enzyme called myeloperoxidase that apparently disintegrates graphene molecules. Surprisingly alcohol consumption or even tobacco can help to increase this enzyme. That’s why they want the population to be vaccinated each 6-12 months and sober.” From this Telegram Link. Hint: Join Telegram now!

Horrific Findings in the BLOOD of the vaccinated

Absolute Risk Reduction vs. RELATIVE RISK REDUCTION: Deceitful statistics unveiled in respected PR Journal: The Lancet

Dr. Jane Ruby’s Response to FL Gov. Desantis & NOVAVAX – is it a safe alternative? Why are they saying that unvaccinated people are filling up the hospitals? Why are they destroying records?

Vaccine-related deaths receive NO media attention first week / July 2021

Great Website: Truth Unmasked

Nobel Laureate says “No Chance of Survival for Vaccinated” (By the way, if you research this, you will find that “fact checkers” have called this false information. If you are new to the search for truth, you may not realize that actually being flagged for “fact checkers” is a pretty good sign you are getting closer to finding the truth).

Dr. McCullough – Vaccine is a BIOWEAPON

Microchip in Vaccines, Mind Control (Disclaimer: There is some misinformation later in this video)

HIPPA and the Americans with Disabilities Act vs. REQUIRING vaccines/masks

Vaccine Shedding, Miscarriages, and Bloodclots in UNVACCINATED females

Nagalese Protein in Vaccines and Whistleblower deaths

18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a COVID Vaccine – (A VERY WORTHWHILE READ!)

A Scientist’s Perspective about the J&J Shot

Colorado Vaccine Site Shut Down after Reactions

246 Michigan Fully Vaccinated test Positive, 3 Dead

Two More Teachers dead in Italy after AZ

Blood Clots in the Brain from Astra-Zeneca Shot

Prion Disease – The cure is worse than the disease

March 24, 2021 reported deaths of young people

Coincidental deaths correlated to the shot or death caused by the shots?

Depopulation in 3-6 Months – Dr. Tenpenny…also VERY IMPORTANT (read the transcript if you don’t have time to watch the video, plus there are MD notes below the video that summarize..)

Cytokine Storm Approaches? Animal testing results (3 minute video)

Fully Vaccinated can still test positive (Hawaii has 3)

Why did they silence Dr. Velenko?

Dr. Mercola’s Website

A vaccine specialist fears a global immunity catastrophe

Frontline Healthcare Workers are Biggest Vaccine Skeptics

3 Dozen Miscarriages

mRNA Inactivates Tumor Supressing Proteins


There are other treatments that the NIH endorses.

Vaccines in Israel cause hundreds of times more deaths than the virus

Vaccine Injuries / Deaths Climb (Feb 18th data)

Whistleblower: 25% German Nursing Home Patients Died after Pfizer Vaccine

Facebook Posts of Death after vaccine

Illegal Use of Vaccines short video

Dr. Judy Mikovitz Discusses Vaccines

One example of documented patient deaths after “vaccine”

Biden’s White House Enlists Media to stop vaccine disinformation

Vaccinators as War Criminals – Vernon Coleman

Vaccines and Bill Gates – Lots of links – read them ALL

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