May 18, 2024


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Masks: To Wear or Not to Wear

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Controversy exists over wearing masks to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. You already know that masks are recommended or required in some areas of the country and in many businesses, stores, and schools. If you have ever refused to wear a mask, you are aware of the social stigma that has developed around being maskless in public spaces.

Did you know that the COVID-19 virus can be absorbed through your eyes? The COVID-19 “virus” (which has not been isolated) is .25 microns and even an N-95 mask only filters to .30 microns. Are masks helpful in reducing the spread of any virus? Do they protect others from you if you are asymptomatic? What is the truth? Is this an infringement of our personal rights and freedoms? What is the true reason behind the masking of the world? These links may help you decipher the inconsistent information.

Can they ask if you are vaccinated or make you prove it? What about the ADA or HIPPA?

Dr. Vernon Coleman’s Banned Mask Book

Death by Masks: 1918 Spanish Flu

Tooth and Gum Decay Increase

Forcing Children to Wear Masks at School is Child Abuse/Neglect

Research Study (Not Peer Reviewed Yet) of Masks at School

A PPE Specialist Speaks (Start video at 10:00 in for quicker view)

Get a Mask / Vaccine Exemption Card (based on United States law Americans with Disabilities Act – ADA) 

Do masks really protect others from you? (Dr. Fauci speaks)

Asymptomatic People are NOT Contagious (WHO)

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